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A Book in the naruto Series also known as the "hit-list"
Contains Ruthful missing-nins that have left their villages and are considered Dangerous. most are considered S-rank ninja.

Here Are The List Of People in the Bingo Book
1.Orochimaru -
A ninja who is one of the Legendary Sannins, whom were taught by the Sandaime. He killed many innocent citizens to practice and master forbidden Justus. His actions were considered illegal in The Hidden Leaf Village, and was dismissed of the Hokage position. He got angry by this and decided to leave The Hidden Leaf Village. He is an S-rank ninja who was once a part of the Akatsuki organization, deadly for their S-rank talents. He formed his own village called the Hidden Sound Village and keeps two other missing-nins from the Hidden Leaf Village as his subordinates - Kabuto Yakushi and Sasuke Uchiha.
2.Sasuke Uchiha-
The younger brother of Itachi and the only other survivor of the clan, he became the top ranking rookie in his class and activated his Sharingan at an early age. He has been burdened with anger and spite for his older brother because he had killed his clan. Orochimaru and his ninjas tempted Sasuke to come to the Sound Village to attain more power and strength so he can kill Itachi. At first Sasuke resisted, but after a brief and unexpected meeting with his brother Itachi who beat him up and came to look for Naruto, Sasuke became angry and wanted more power so he he left the village to join Orochimaru.
3.Itachi Uchiha-
The genius offspring of the prestigious Uchicha clan, he activated his Sharingan at a young age and became ANBU captain at the age of 13-years-old. His thirst for attaining more power and to test his limits of strength led him to massacre his own clan. He is currently a member of the Akatsuki organization. He is considered to be extremely powerful and dangerous and was able to defeat Kakashi Hatake without even lifting his finger. He is ordered by the Akatsuki to capture Naruto Uzumaki for the Kyuubi power that is contained within him.
4.Kabuto Yakushi-
A skilled medical ninja who was taught by his respected foster father. He attended the Chuunin Exams numerous times, only to fail every time. His actions were suspicious, and was discovered to be a spy for Orochimaru and the Hidden Sound Village.
5.Zabuza Momochi-
A murderous nin who is known for being a devilish silent killer. In the past, he killed over 100 shinobis in a final exam to finally become a genin. The Hidden Mist changed their examinations after that. As he grew older, his murderous intent never faded away and plotted to kill the Mizukage. His plan failed and he decided to flee to the Wave Country. He encountered a young boy with a bloodline named Haku. He became Zabuza's apprentice. Zabuza is also part of a group called the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist because of his skills in the utilization of large and unique swords.
6.Kisame Hoshigaki-
Kisame is one of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist, seven powerful ninja who utilize large and unique swords. Like everyone seen from the Hidden Mist Village, Kisame uses water element jutsu in combination with his powerful physical attacks. Before he left, Kisame was an elite Jounin in the Hidden Mist Village. He began to assassinate the local feudal lords in his village and than eventually left and joined the Akatsuki.
7.Kimimaro Kaguya-
He is the offspring of the Kaguya clan and the soul survivor. Their bloodline consists of bones that can stretch, come out of their body, and use them as sharp weapons. His clan always had a murderous intent, on other people and even themselves. They foolishly massacred each other in their own village, and Kimimaro was the only one spared. Orochimaru observed the power and strength this clan had and decided to take Kimimaro in as his subordinate.
Kakuzu seems to be male in the criminal organization known as Akatsuki. His reason for fleeing the Hidden Mist Village is unknown.
A fancy and skillful fighter, with special mouths in the palm of each hand, he is able to manipulate clay into either a flight-capable clay bird that can support him or a a huge bomb that is capable of leveling a village without the use of exploding tags. Deidara's left the Hidden Rock Village and joined Akatsuki. The reason for fleeing in unknown.
Zetsu left the Hidden Grass Village and joined the organization known as Akatsuki. His intentions are history with his village are currently unknown.
Flashbacks seem to indicate that his descent into darkness started when his parents died. He is a puppet master and controls puppets in combat. Sasori left the Hidden Sand Village twenty years prior to the start of the Naruto series and joined Akatsuki.
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