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Justus, one of the most amazing men you could ever meet ... nobody compares to a Justus and forreal you never want to lose him ! No one will ever love and care for you as much as a JUSTUS and honestly, he has it in his heart to want to be with you for the rest of his life.. so put your insecurities aside because this man will love you unconditionally no matter what circumstances, he's not your average guy who's perfect and that seeks perfection but to him, you are perfection, he sometimes can be shy but that's just a part of him , he has so many walls built only the right person can break them down , when you find a Justus never let him go, because once he's gone you can never get him back!
Wow!! Justus really loves you !

Damn, have you seen Justus lately!! Such perfection!
by Osaka217 November 17, 2016
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Looks that kill. Has confidence in himslelf for he knows that God will help him acheive whatever it is that he needs too. He is a great person that you must meet to truly live. Always laughing and just trying to have a good time
Dude, there is Justus. Let's go hang out with him.
by JLS22 February 14, 2011
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Kid who has been through a lot. He always makes great grades(usually in the 89 to 99 range). One who will one day be a very great guitarist. He has brown hair and green eyes and loves to go do somehting. He has a very close relationship with God, can't stop talking to him or praying to him. He is a funny dude. His whole family is very, very funny. He loves to skate(skateboard, not rollerskates). He feels he needs to be recognized of the many things he does. Many people pass false judgement on this person. He's not a person you can really put your finger on. One reason for this is that his friends are much different than him so noone can understand him. DONT judge him.
"Hey there is Justus. Man, I can't figure that kid out.
by JLS22 February 14, 2011
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A cool guy and good friend who's athletic and really good at wrestling.
That new kid at our school must be a Justus.
by bobthebuilder96 March 27, 2017
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A very cool girl with an amzing ability to write awesome songs and play guitar. Looks up to older sister Indya (also ver cool). Justus is also a very friendly girl who understands how important hobos are to the society. May also randomly start dancing with her AWESOME asian friend Lady. So yeah if you ever meet a Justus, hang on to her and consider yourself very lucky!! :)
I love you Justus!!
by yupp_its_ladybugg November 27, 2008
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Rich Bitch that gets everything he wants... usually has lots of friends, always tries to get the girl and never can... they always stand him up he waits and waits with no success...has great guitar skills and likes to steal alcohol from his dad does some work but his parents pay for the res
God Justus is duck a rich bitch he always gets what he wants like that brand new car his daddy bought him
by mr. mike hairy hunt August 03, 2009
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strange mystical creature. doesn’t like many people, but cares deeply for the ones close to heart. Justus loves junk food, eating, video games, and spoopy things. if you i counter s justus don’t harm them, try to befriend them but if they dont except you then you must give up after a bit.
i think i just saw a justus
justus ate my food
via giphy
by yoyoitschlo May 10, 2018
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