The term binge means that you excessively do something.
I binged the Netflix show, because it was good. Forget my job, this show is all that matters.
by reallynotahoe April 19, 2017
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To eat large amounts of food quickly. Usually junk food and sweets.
"I'm about to binge eat these Oreos...wanna join?"
by Jonny ,€€€ December 29, 2016
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Informal Beenge
1. The act of consuming cannabis by means of water related paraphernalia
2. Finishing something off, often something difficult or strenuous to get through
1. Bong/waterpipe,Bubbler or any other water related cannabis piece
2. Slang for one's close friend
1. Describing something overtly difficult
1. Yes! It's 4:17... Almost time to binge a bowl!
2. Dude are you gonna binge that foot long burrito... I'm hungry balls

Stoner 1: Hey! Finally saved up for a new binge!
Stoner 2: Yeah? What kind of binge are you looking at?
Stoner 1: Eh. Roughly 14' w/ diffuser and ashcatcher

Stoner 1: Hey binge, whats new?
Stoner 2: Oh nothing... Just bingin. Whatsup with you binge?
Stoner 1: Bingin.
1. Dude that DragonForce song on Guitar Hero was a fuckin' binge!
by Samual Theart January 25, 2008
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The bit of knickers where you minge smell meets the bum smell.
by Bilbo1989 October 8, 2020
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bing bing (n.) the equivalency of one (1) United States dollar.
Man, these rims cost me thirty - five hundred bing bings.
by Soof doggy dogg June 19, 2004
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a linguistic expression used to make a request for what is commonly known as taking a rip, doing a bonghit, having a pull, etc. theoretically, also could be viewed not merely as a request but as an observation of the other person's desire to comply with the request given. A different intonation pattern (often a raised pitch near the end of the sentence) can often suggest that the objective would like to smoke cannabis through a water pipe. also used as an interrogative when questioning ambiguously. several inflections apply. its also a noun used to describe a colored glass bowl of cannabis, its self.
bill - "hey bing?"

fred- "no thanks bill, maybe later"
by spasmelodic October 3, 2009
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another racist slang word, to call a asian person.
omg micheal chieu has bingbing eyes.
by xbingstax June 8, 2005
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