you put your dick in a bong and get it wet with the marijuana wax then you have anal sex to get the other person high
cam:yo i gave my girl a bing bong blaster last night
william:ngl thats gross
by bingbongblastercreator January 20, 2020
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The game played by stoners where the person who gets the answer wins the joint. If everyone ses the answer AT THE SAME TIME,then another 'question' is asked until a clear winner is chosen.
Gareth: Bing
John, Daryl, Alex: BONG
*Gareth thinks*
Gareth: Pulp
*Johns gets the joint*
by Mr.Blackman March 31, 2005
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A little known song from te snl trio The Lonley Island

the music video consists of two of the members of the trio In Mario Moustaches singing about, what else, showing you their penis
J: Doood gues what
C: What?
J: i just at a grape and i Jizzed in my pants
C: Guess what
J: Wut?
C: And then i show you my penis
J: dooood wtf was that shit?
C: -Facepalm- you'venever heard bing bong brothers?
J: nah man i dont listn to non does pussy bands
C: -Uberfacepalm-
by A-Bun-Dance May 29, 2009
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what you say to call people out when they say something politically incorrect. bing-bong is an expletive and a verb. you can 'Bing-bong' sexism, gayism (homophobia), racism, classism, speciesism, or any other -ism. the 'bing-bong' often called out loudly, sounds like a doorbell (like ding-dong) with the Bing at a higher pitch than the bong. 'bing-bong' is said directly after the inappropriate joke or comment, often interrupting the sentence, but it can also wait until after the thought is finished.
kid 1, "you throw like a girl"

kid 2, "Bing-Bong!"
by zizzelicks July 13, 2011
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a synonym to cool, tight, funny, awesome, fresh, ultimately everything that is good!
damn this pizza is the bing bong boogle!
by wiggly henderson October 03, 2010
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