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Male/Female, the opposite of a Nonbinary Gender. Contrary to beliefs held by those lacking braincells, these are not the only genders.
"I am male, and my spouse is non-binary. This means I'm a binary gender, and they aren't."
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by JUNO THE MARTIAN April 08, 2020
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The gender of "Binary" means that you do not identify as "male" or "female". You fall in the LGBT community if you are binary. While using pronouns in reference to them, you call them, "Them", or as "that person". NOT "That" or "It". Regardless of their gender, they may still be attracted to the opposite gender.

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binary gender
*Binary person stands in distance*
Guy 1: Dude, look at her! She's hot!
Guy 2: Dude!! You mean to say, "Look at them. That is a good looking person. They're binary.
by Ben Carraway December 07, 2015
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