an oaf who acks uncontrollably
mrs lucas told bimmy bort to stop saying the n word in school and he said "but they keep asking 'did you get any ass last night bim?'"
by mracksalot August 17, 2017
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a personal, disposable vape device, an alternative for the term “dispo
Yo, pass me that bimmie bro!
Of course brah!
by studentsofarhs January 3, 2022
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Bimmie is such a lovely person. A delight to be around and all around amazing to be around. So precious and so sweet. Hating her is a crime in every country so be nice or else. Find a bimmie and treat her well because she deserves it.
Bimmie is one of the best people in life.
by Bambambami May 2, 2021
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Someone that’s related to a glonk but has a more of a leprechaun look also cannot swim just looks and dies
by Theglonkhimself September 12, 2018
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