Bimmie is the name of a card game in which the object is to get rid of a player's cards. It is so named because the last player to get rid of his/her cards is the "Bimmie" in the next round. The bimmie has to deal, collect cards that are out of play, and take loads of crap from other players.
"Hey Bimmie, after you deal those cards, get me something to drink!"
by cricketmsv March 20, 2005
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A typo of the name Billy in the NES video game, "Double Dragon III: The Sacred Stones".

Angry Video Game Nerd: Bimmy and Jimmy? There's a typo in a
Nintendo game. Let alone a fucking Double Dragon game and it's the first screen!
by VideoGamerLeet October 14, 2007
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Noun; the gayest of the gay guys, the most stereotypical gay guy you have ever met in your life; the kind of gay guy to wear manties while catching up on RuPaul's Drag Race.
Kira: oh my GOD Look at that Bimmy and his cute lace manties!
Leonie: he's a literal bimmy
by Kpaulsweets March 16, 2016
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Verb: the manager bimmied on for hours
Noun: "Oh God enough with the talking already! Don't be such a Bimmy"
Abstract Noun - 'Asking of uselss questions led to further Bimmification in the conference'
Adverb - "Robin could have replied to the question in 2 words but she chose to do so Bimmily"
by noisepopuli January 25, 2013
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Lackey/scrub/low level worker/jerk-off/white trash scum bag, usually refering to maintenance or janitorial type employee.
- The fucking Bimmy stole a screwdriver from my apartment.
- Did the Bimmy fix our sink yet?
by Matt Millman January 26, 2007
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This word is based on a character portrayed by a monkey in suspended trousers in the 1950s television show "Howdy Doody"; This monkeys' name is "Mr. Bim" in this series.
The human descript of Mr. Bim is a relation to the anatomical construct of a toy of "Mr. Brim" that features a hideous unovelesque grody plastic face and hairy apeish body like that of a real monkey. Brings us to the word "Bimmy"; A human with similar or exact anatomical features of an ape or monkey-e.g. exagerated limbs, hairy or "plushy" areas of the body, fake appearance as a "human" and a mind to hoard bananas.
The child at the Zoo pointed to the man staring at the lion, and said to his Mother; "Hey, look ma! that man is a Bimmy!", noting that the man staring at the lion sported a tank top shirt exposing a rather hideously, unusual patch of hair on his shoulders and back, and his knuckles were curled inwards laying on the ground beside him.
by d.e.m.o. November 3, 2011
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Evil twin of James Rolfe. Took over his brother's legacy around 2012, and has been out of time ever since. Why do people call him Bimmy? Take a wild guess.
Justy: "All right James, now pretend that you're excited!"
Bimmy Rolfe: "Sigh.... wow..."
by Onion Curator April 16, 2022
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