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Bimal is very gentle, steadfast, stubborn. He is down to earth with a no-nonsense approach, with a very strong sense of values, waiting until they can afford only the best.

He is often artistic and sometimes very musical. You will find nothing cheap or shoddy about Bimal or what he owns. He plods through life making other's dreams come true by taking other's projects and making them shine.

He is patient, loyal and caring. He gets angry slowly, but once annoyed, he can rage and turn ferocious.
Be like Bimal.
by ThePhilla October 10, 2019
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a bimal is a word describing someone that is a noob cake at everything, but sucks more than any noob, noob cake, noob musffin, noob on a stick, noob toob, noob cheese, i think you get the point.
hey bimal stop being a bimal!
hey isaac stop being a bimal!
hey jack stop being bimal!
hey anand stop being a bimal!
hey sheridan stop being a bimal!
hey you reading this stop being a bimal!
by james thomson September 07, 2006
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Bimal is a down-to-earth kickass Punjabi girl most of the time. This person is caring, loving, sweet, but you don't want to get on her bad side. Intellect and ambition are a big driving force in this person's life and they tend to get bored easily. In terms of physical appearance, Bimal's are usually voluptuous and a deadly combination of beautiful and sexy. They are also able to get along with almost anyone.
Kim Kardashian is such a Bimal, minus the brains.
Stop being such a Bimal, you're making the rest of us look bad.
Can you Bimal me up?
I need to channel my inner Bimal
by Kaura Kaur May 03, 2013
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