BIM stands for Balls in his/her/your/my mouth. Used for people who you dislike or annoy you, or even sometimes for yourself, when you really messed up.
Steve- That girl over there likes BIM.
Kramer- Yeah I heard she loves balls in her mouth.

Steve- Wow I just totally got BIM right there.
Kramer- Yeah you totally missed that basket-ball shot, so balls in your mouth.

Steven- Tony huge BIM.
Tony- What does that mean?
by DrBIM March 30, 2011
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Building Information Modeling Building Information Modeling (BIM) is the process of generating and managing building data during the building's life cycle
BIM helps architects, engineers, contractors and owners create coordinated, digital design information
by steveoo987 December 18, 2008
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From the Japanese word 微妙 (bimyou) : originally meaning delicate, sensitive, difficult; delicate (situation), etc, but now used as slang to imply that something that "sucks" or is "bad in an annoying way." Used mainly by people who speak both English and Japanese.
"The chicken katsu I had for dinner last night was so bims."

"Our new co-worker is so bims, he can't do anything right."
by matchapafe May 08, 2014
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Term used to impart a sense of self-pride, satisfaction, and complete superiority to one's peers. The equivalent of saying - "I am the shit, and you know it" or "I'm one bad mothafucker".

Should never be used as an agreement, as one might use word or boom, because that might imply a degradation of one's superiority.
Gabriel: ...and if you lean a little closer you will find that my shit really doesn't stink.
John: What?!
Gabriel: Bim!

John: Wow, that girl I saw you with is pretty hot!
Gabriel: Bim.

John: Hey, check out my new kicks. Aren't they cool?!
Gabriel: .....
by J Mugga February 08, 2004
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