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Billy Jean - derrog. n. A permiscuous girl that has gone back to each lover and claimed that each one got her pregnant hoping someone will step up and own the responsibility.

Also, a girl who gets pregnant to keep a man. Coined from the hit single from Michael Jackson called "Billy Jean" which was about an actual case where a fan claimed Michael got her pregnant and was trying to sue for money.
Grady - Yo man! That girl is straight Billy Jeanin' it!

Jerome - Fo sho! You hit that?

Grady - Yeh, but the kid is not my son! I was wearing a hat!
by k_cool September 14, 2007
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The incorrect spelling of "Billie Jean", a 1983 hit song by Michael Jackson.
Person 1: omg, I <3333 the song billy jean!!! it rox~
Person 2: Learn to spell.
by modernxlove July 08, 2009
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