A piece of paper who created the universe. Was worshipped in a number of societies, including but not limited to, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, and Ancient China. Is the main deity of a monotheistic religion known as Billyism.
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Billy is an older man who is overly assertive, along with being loud and obnoxious towards people that he doesn't like or that are weak EMOTIONALLY in some area. He focuses on that or those weaknesses and attacks them verbally. He is a big bully and in his mind, he does no wrong.

Billy does have a huge heart and often helps a multitude of people, in one way or the other!

He is attentive to his wife and he goes above and beyond for her in any serious situation! He knows where his bread is buttered! He's learning how to be a good dad for an adult daughter!

He loves his dogs, his fur babies! They are with him every waking moment, even goes to sleep with him and his better half!

He's a hard worker and he has a fierce determination inside of him that doesn't allow him to give up!
"Yo, Billy, can you please stop back by here after you leave the store?"
by cheLLe1963 August 29, 2020
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A person with a lot of swag, who always dresses fresh and stays fly.
by Davister28 June 15, 2011
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An awesome guy that anyone can confide to. If you're lucky you date one. They are a big flirt. They are sweet but make dumb decisions and is usually judged by those decisions.
I know a 3 guys named Billy :)
by GAgirlXD February 02, 2013
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Most commonly refers to men who create a passive 'magnetic pulse' attracting women to give them sexual pleasure. This may be at times unwanted, however it is a genuine part of their life and is irreversable.
"He's GOT the billy"
by Dicto man July 10, 2007
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Billy is an amazing, handsome, guy.
He is extremely talented and is an amazing boyfriend and friend, he'll always be there when you need him and is very reliable.
"Dude, did you see that guy over there?"
"Yeah, he looks awesome! He must be a Billy
by justeating October 12, 2019
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Billy is the kind of guy you know you want to spend the rest of your life with after meeting up with him to discuss Jen's notes. You're never gonna know how you deserve him because he is so funny, smart, and sweet. When someone thinks of "generous", they think of Billy. He will buy you anything from unlimited gyoza to beautiful Tiffany jewellery. Billy is also the most good-looking person you will ever meet and has these beautiful eyes and an eyebrow with a track that he shaves in every morning. Also he has a girthquake. But most of all, Billy is always loved.
I've given up on Billy, nothing is going to happen.
by gqwakihj August 05, 2018
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