The quality of having or being billowy, cloud-like, fluffy, or otherwise over-flowing. Often used to refer to ladies with big, squishy natural breasts that you wanna sink your face into
Im always on the search for billows that way i can rest my head without bringing around a bunch of pillows
by trixxy b damned November 10, 2006
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Boobs that can be used as pillows
I was tired after the party so I ended up on her billows
by Pugy January 28, 2016
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Play on the words "butt" and "pillow".
"Aw man this seat is uncomfortable. Can i have a billow?
by ILikePieSalad September 21, 2013
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When a woman farts whilst having anal sex.
Oh shit, bitch! Did you just billow? Now my one eyed viper's got pink eye.
by Matt McDouche December 17, 2008
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A large gust that places an extraordinary amount of cocaine up your nostrils.
Josh just billowed the whole mound!
by Dotticus May 27, 2017
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Someone that constantlly talks a lot of shit, but doesn't know what their saying.
Tom-I have a kia that is a 24 cylinder.

Bill- No you billow buffer thats a 24 valve.
by the corn squeezer June 23, 2010
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To smoke marijuana just before going to bed. The opposite of a wake and bake.

A true Billow and Pillow involves smoking, while in bed, and then going right to sleep, without leaving your bed.
yo, I'm gonna billow and pillow when I get home.
by Kraj Majales December 03, 2009
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