It is a lovely, turkish name for a really clever girl! Bilge is also a name for a sporty person, who loves to do sports
I wish I could be Bilge.
This is so bilge

#beautyful #clever #sweet #sporty #kind #lovely
by Bondipaul January 1, 2017
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Can be used to replace almost any swearword in almost any context. Can also describe anything that is bad or rubbish.

Note: this CAN be found in standard dictionaries.
1. Look at that snake with two heads... what the bilge?

2. What are you on about? You're talking bilge.

3. Oh bilge, I wrote some complete bilge in that exam.

4. What are you bilging doing!? You're such a bilgemonger.
by Orlandooo June 11, 2008
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the part of a boat inside the hull but below the floor-boards
her, Cap'n, the bilge is filling up with water......FAST !
by Jake March 6, 2004
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Bilge is smart, swag and the gayest person in the world. If you're loved by Bilge, you're very lucky. Bilge will give you all of her love for free and unconditionally. She is loyal and loving. The best girlfriend you can ever get. Of course, she has some bad habits too. She thinks too much sometimes. And sometimes "love" confuses her. But she's always trying her best to make her loved ones happy.
Umm, don't get me wrong but... Is Bilge gay?
by Reitto December 11, 2021
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1. Any slimy, disgusting substance, that no-one in their right mind would want to go near. Often contains streaks of green and brown.

See also gunge

2. A load of rubbish someone says to fill in time or fill paper.

See also waffle

3. A sentinmental speech, often on a TV or movie.

See also clap trap
"I opened up the drain cover, and there was loads of bilge everywhere. Urgh!"
by Jamie McGarry March 3, 2004
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The type of guy that always wants to dominate effeminate men but at the same time wants to be dominated by older women.
Guy 1: "How come you let that girl boss you around all the time? Usually you're more dominant that that."
Guy 2: "Yeah, but only with girly dudes."
Guy 1: "Man, you're such a bilge."
by NotSpook December 13, 2021
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Bilge:- Verb. To Bilge is to screw ones face whilst skanking to anysort of music. Mainly found in Dubstep and Drum and Bass events, Bilging has become extremely popular with the rise of these two genres of music.
Man 1:- This tune is Filth.. im gonna Bilge!
Man 2:- SAAAME! Put 2 hands on the head and BILGE!
by The Rivla November 15, 2010
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