A Bikie is somebody who rides a Harley Davidson or a Cruiser style Bike. Bikies are Generally members of a Bikie Gang.

A Bikie is different from a Biker who is someone who rides any kind of bike. Also termed as a motorcyclist but such a name is generally thought of as uncool.
Hey Jane did you know that John is a bikie.
"really I would have never known, I have never seen him riding a Harley"
by eyetwoi May 13, 2009
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Bikies is plural for bikie. A Bikie is a member of a motor cycle club.
-Hey I hear your mother digs bikies.

-Yeah she's a real gang bang whore.
by Shut Up n Listen September 16, 2004
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He's a BIKIE moron
by TSARINA November 10, 2017
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Plural- Bikz
Bob: Hey bruz can I grab a biki on tick pay you on Monday?
Frank: Bro you've had too many bikz tonight if you have another one you'll OD.
by chelsijaa April 12, 2008
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Any time a bicycle is used with the seat removed or with part of, or all of the seat inside the riders anus.
Hey Lou, is your ass ready for a bikie today?
by louie the diff July 23, 2018
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Let's hit the local biki after this blunt.
by snibber November 30, 2011
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Australian slang for a woman associated with a biker gang.
The bikie chicks sat down in the hotel and began ordering drinks.
by Wapt August 28, 2009
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