Another way to say bitch, or just a simple phrase

Damn bih, it is hot out here

I can't stand that hoe, she dumber than a bih

Wasup bih!

I cant wait to get my phone bih ima be on that bih all day bih
by Shawty2hot March 16, 2007
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1.)another way to pronounce "bitch"
2.)a place
3.)anykind of person, not meant as a insult, similar to saying; dude, homie, and man
1.)i stubbed my thumb, and that bih was hurtin
2.)lets go toke some dank up in that bih
3.)damn bih, what you doin?
by kbeezy May 02, 2003
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buy the domain for your travel site
Became popular when the meme ' one thicc bih' started
Mr. Krabs is One thicc Bihh, lemme see that krussy.
by roseandew July 09, 2017
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noun. a name for a person who is a D-FAB. another word for the curse word "bitch" but a shortening.
Aww, yah dumb bih!
by Whiiiit...taint January 16, 2003
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