Same as “bitch”, but easier to say. Frequently used when dealing with an ignorant female who has no right to even be alive.
Guy: “Damn bih! Why you fuck all my niggas?”
Bih: “Sorry Daddy. They ran out of meat at the grocery store.”
Guy: “Bih, that don’t even make sense! Fuck yo stupid ass!”
by VroDaddy420 August 4, 2020
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Another way to say bitch, or just a simple phrase

Damn bih, it is hot out here

I can't stand that hoe, she dumber than a bih

Wasup bih!

I cant wait to get my phone bih ima be on that bih all day bih
by Shawty2hot March 17, 2007
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Can be referred to different things. Especially here in Florida.
1. Can be used in place of “bitch” to refer to a girl. For example: “Damn that bih fine!”

2. Can be used as a person, place, or thing. Different examples are: “I was walking to school and that bih started annoying me off the rip!” Or when referring to a place it’s like “We in this bih”, or “Damn, muhfuckas deep in this bih” or “Damn bruh it’s hot out in this bih!”. When referring to things you could say “Hey bruh pass me that bih” or when eating food you could say “Damn bruh this bih bussin!”

3. Can also be used as a compliment in the sentence to put emphasis on something as well. Such as “Damn yo sweatin ass got this towel wetter than a bih!” Or “Damn bih! Look at that shit!”
by Orlando-Man September 14, 2022
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A phonetically pleasing form of the word “bitch” often used in the song-making app Ditt.y to the tune of Snoops Dog’s “Good Day”
by Krussy October 13, 2017
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When an ignorant ass bitch do some shit you can't even waste time saying the whole word bitch. Can be a male or female
Bih! Was cooking dinner and tried to serve me boiled chicken.
Nigga was acting like a bih...tried to holla at him at the store he was acting all scary.
by Lafkareski November 24, 2018
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1. Shortcut for the Word bitch.
2. Burn in hell, on graves to people who have been mean.
3. Shortcut for Bosnia and Herzegovina
1. You are such a bih.
2. He is dead, Bih.
3. I’m going to Bih for the summer.
by Kricke May 28, 2018
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