A word used predominantly by liberals to describe those who do not share their same opinions, ideas, and/or beliefs. The word "racist" is usually used in the same sentence.
That guy with the confederate flag is such a racist bigot!
by mcdove March 07, 2016
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Anyone winning an argument with a liberal.
"Guns kill people!"
"People have been killing people long before guns were invented."
"Fuck you, you racist sexist bigot!"
by CorgisDie February 06, 2017
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Wow, I wonder if this guy realizes that by saying "kill the bigots", he, himself is a bigot!
Let's listen to what our punk rock bands tell us! We don't need a leader, and free speech for all! And Nazis should all die! Except, for some reason, we HAVE a leader (punk rock bands) and, by saying that all Nazis should die, not only do we contradict ourself readily in mid-sentence, but we also adapt a view similar to the Nazi party during the second world war (to annihilate members of a specific group because of what they are or believe)!
by NOCTVRNVS March 02, 2005
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The actual definition from Merriam-Webster Online is "a person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices; especially : one who regards or treats the members of a group (as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance". This means if a person has no tolerance for beliefs other than their own. However, in the modern day, bigot is used to refer to those who oppose social liberal agendas, but especially those who oppose gay marriage and/or think same-sex intercourse/sexual acts are immoral and should not be practiced. Also used to refer to Christians.
Rational Person: I think that Al Qada could qualify as bigots. They killed 3,000 American civilians and the World Trade Center because we don't conform to their beliefs.

Liberal: What!? You don't approve of gay marriage. You are obviously a bigot and oppose it for no reason other than hate for gay people.
by GreatHillOfTara January 19, 2012
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Someone that disagrees with you. Frequently used as an ad hominem attack against those with facts contrary to your misguided opinions, particularly when it is clear you are losing the argument. If you are arguing with a straight white male and are not all of those things, you may use this word as a de facto tactical nuke to instantly win any argument with complete impunity. If they object to it, well... What do they know, they're just a bigot.
Prima (SWM): I think Coke is better than Pepsi. It contains less sugar and caffeine, but more flavor.
Secunda (Not SWM): Have you ever thought that maybe other people have different opinions than you? No, you probably haven't, because you only think about yourself and other straight white males, you bigot!
Passersby: Oh shit, xe's got you there, bigot!
Prima: Fuck this.
by Leeroy Jenkems July 01, 2017
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The term bigot means to be willingly ignorant or intolerant of another person's beliefs or opinions.

Bigotry is an accusation, which is often used by liberal and marxist types to condemn those people who are not of the same "tolerant" or "open minded" attitude as themselves.

By using this term they create what I call an infinite loop of intolerance.

If someone is accused of bigotry then the accusing party must also be intolerant of the accused persons intolerance; therefore, it is self evident that the term bigot in a sense, can not actually exist in a free society or open debate because of it's self-destructive, self-imploding and hypocritical nature.
"We must put an end to bigotry by criminalizing any dissenting point of view."

Real life application of this "anti-bigotry" includes hate laws, which are no more than Orwellian type "thought crimes".
by heavyd123 April 02, 2007
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its someone who judges someone without even knowing them. Some one who likes to start alot of drama over nothing.it also can be someone who is racist or prejidce.
if i was to walk up to you and say i F***in hate your a** and i dont even kno you than thats a bigot.
by juggalette99 March 04, 2009
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