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When one has an ego the size of Texas, he (most often a self-appointed Alpha male) will make bold, rash statements regarding actions he claims to have the ability to do or perform. A vast majority of the time said SAAM (Self-Appointed Alpha Male) will be speaking through his large, overcompensating ego and will be come delusional during such statements.
70 Impala350: Did you hear that red bike went 8.66 last night at GLD?

Hatchmaster: I will straight knock his dick off, I am all that is man. Now bow before your king.

70 Impala350: Whoa man, I think you have some big dick syndrome going on.
by Bob Figgs October 14, 2010
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A psycho-sexual disorder characterized by many women’s self-destructive desire for only dangerous, abusive, well hung men. Sometimes known as the “Diceman Fixation.”
Feminists will always be perplexed by their inability to ever influence the thinking of the millions of women who suffer from the Big Dick Syndrome.
An extreme example of the Big Dick Syndrome is found in the clinical case history of "Sherrie." When given the choice between Trey, a handsome, compassionate guy with two graduate degrees, a vacation home in Hawaii, great oral technique and a rock hard five inch penis that could last at least an hour inside her, she chose instead Larry, an unemployed carpenter, high school “vo-tech” dropout, and NASCAR groupie who ruptured her cervix with a .357 magnum long barreled revolver one night when he was too drunk to get his spongy nine inch penis erect.
by A. Hick June 13, 2008
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When someone feels they can do something, when infact they cannot.

In the sense that a person with a big dick is dog #1
Ted: why does jebb always insist he can dunk?
Jeff: its not his fault, he has a serious case of Big Dick syndrome.
by Strokeman October 06, 2009
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A male that over the phone, or any form of communication not in person, will talk shit, but when he sees that individual in person he completely ignores them.

Often done over text message or in voice mail.

Also, when the person he is being a dick to answers he will most likely ignore it or take at-least thirty minutes making up what to say next.
Dick(Over text): Mane, I swear I'm going to beat the shit outta you next time I see you, you better stay away.

*later that day* (guy2) sees Dick and starts walking toward him but, Dick turns around and heads the other way to avoid confrontation.

Guy3: What was all that about?
Guy2: He's showing off his Big Dick Syndrome.
by WatsonN January 08, 2013
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