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What happen when a guy shows his boxers to a girl, either intentionality or unintentionally. This could be because of sagging, a hole in his jeans, or the popular way, pulling up a piece from the top of his pants and yelling "Panty Action!"
Allie saw Nathan's boxers through a hole and screamed Panty Action!
by WatsonN April 17, 2011

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A male that over the phone, or any form of communication not in person, will talk shit, but when he sees that individual in person he completely ignores them.

Often done over text message or in voice mail.

Also, when the person he is being a dick to answers he will most likely ignore it or take at-least thirty minutes making up what to say next.
Dick(Over text): Mane, I swear I'm going to beat the shit outta you next time I see you, you better stay away.

*later that day* (guy2) sees Dick and starts walking toward him but, Dick turns around and heads the other way to avoid confrontation.

Guy3: What was all that about?
Guy2: He's showing off his Big Dick Syndrome.
by WatsonN January 08, 2013

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This applies mostly to driving, but can be applied to anything. You always have more time than money, as in slow down and watch out. There is no point is speeding or being in a hurry and getting in a wreck; as both these will cost you money.

When you're waiting to turn onto a main road, just wait till you are 100% sure you can make it, you'd rather be safe than sorry.

It's better to be late than dead.
1: Man, I'm running late, let's go!!
2: More time than money, bud. Slow down.
by WatsonN October 21, 2013

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The word created for driving over speed humps way too fast in hopes of getting air. While there are very few cases reported of tires actually leaving the ground, it is still a thrill ride if you do it right.
Dude, Lets cut through Bellevue and do some speed humping!
by WatsonN April 27, 2013

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