Someone who smiles so bright they look like their big ass cheeks will burst they usually look tired
by Hiimmexica June 11, 2020
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A Man or Woman who has massive hamster like cheeks
Wow Mini you're cheeks are hugh.

yeah I've got big cheeks
by Miniw January 23, 2009
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Dude1: How was your date?

Dude2: It was great, what a filthy bitch she is, she let me fuck her Big Cheeked Cyclops on a 1st date!
by BM82 July 25, 2017
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An unknown Gamer that has been around this the early days of gaming, that always supported multiplayer gameplay and fairness in competitive games. Known Troll slayer, overall fun guy.
Dude your like the big cheeked giant man!!, your great.
by Giaant August 26, 2017
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This term used for a person in my class. (See Dai Min Has really big cheeks, and you can see them from behind his head, jutting out like boulders - except that they aren't as hard as them. Well actually you know what? I think that a certain area on his body SOMEWHERE else is as hard as boulders... hehehe)
You hav absolutely Big Cheeks! (man i neva knew dis website woz so fuckin' fun! hehehe)
by Kickin\' Ass January 21, 2003
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a big phat booty thats just so big, juicy, and rotund that jiggles with every step
OMG!!! did you see the way her big booty butt cheeks jiggled as she walks??
by TC/TH April 7, 2010
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