Max:"Hey what's up guys"
Ben:"Shut up big nose"
by hamftw October 19, 2018
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Skeeter's lil brother told Doug that he was "Big Nose Big Nose"
(sketter's lil bro) big nose big nose!!
by Diana August 12, 2004
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When a guy goes down on you and it tickles your clit while he breathes
by The Assistant for my friends August 20, 2011
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the act of being nosy, often used by Native Americans.
Destiny just flat being a big nose.
by TheCantonCock December 18, 2014
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When your Jeep gets rammed by a rino on the highway.
by Squeky Clean February 4, 2005
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A big nose... The term used when referring to the sheer volumetric size of someone beak, one of the human respiratory organs.
Wow, did you see the size of Martins beak? That dude has a “Big Nose...”

What a Jew... I bet can smell fear like an animal with that weapon.
by UrbanDico44 November 16, 2019
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Someone whose general conduct, level of reliability,

relationship with truth, and past preformance leave him or her with

little to no credibility in peoples' opinion.
Jake lives in a fantasy land and couldn't tell the truth if he had to, he has a big nose.
by Kalajagalavilare August 30, 2018
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