Hey michell michell

Michell: what the fuck do you want I’m big mad
by Lil man 27 November 27, 2018
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When someone (usually on discord) gets big mad because you speaking big facts and they are in denial and cannot handle the truth, so they resort being a "big mad sam" to have slightly raised chance at winning the argument, but fail becuase allt hey rely on is "no u" comebacks and spam the chat room when they are about to take that heavy L.
Big mad sams are usually known to he constantly big mad
Even on their calmest fays they resort to Passive aggression when interacted with.
User 1 - "look at this kid being big mad on chat"
User 2 - "nah bro he Being more than big mad, that guys being a Big mad sam!"
User 3 - "whats the difference? 😂"
User 4 - "lol fr" he just being big mad as usual"
by HM9K July 20, 2019
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A Northern Irish Schoolboy expression for a sexually desirable woman, lady or girl. Often uttered between boys or men to express their appreciation of members of the opposite sex.
Boy's-oh, d'ya see her? She's a big mad ride, she would do for a jolly good one.
by smogthecrock September 15, 2009
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when a fat girl says "ur big mad" and you respond with "you mad big, tf"
Bessie: "biden is awesome, kill all men, LGBTQIA+ will take over the world, what? you big mad?"

Cody: "You mad big, tf"
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A human being who won’t stop going on about is silver Toyota and the fact that it’s the best car in the world. He is a Richard Hammond wannabe and dresses like a retired nonce
Jesus Christ Gary stop talking about your crap car you’re just a big fat mad dog
by Parallelogramshagger May 08, 2020
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A childish and passively aggressive form of anger portrayed by a fully grown adult.

See also: Vaguebooking.
Omg, Becky. Look at Tina vaguebooking. She’s big girl mad!
by Dharenn January 16, 2018
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