Being mad as fuck about something. Making fun of someone or trying to be annoying.
So what I ate all yo shit Daquan you big mad or lil mad
by Hoes Mad July 7, 2016
Say anything about Chets girls and he gets big mad.
Chet is big mad because I said he can’t go more than 2 days without hanging out with them”
by cyskiby May 17, 2019
Someone who is extremely mad about something
___ is getting on my nerves about everything they say I’m big mad about it.
by WhatisEW March 3, 2019
Very triggered and upset. Having the erge to aggressively yell at someone.
I was big mad when my ex liked these girls bikini pics.
by Xx123769 February 10, 2019
when you really mad but you wanna be edgy
are you big mad?”

by mamma juggs May 29, 2019
The act of being mad as fuck when your candidate lost the election and was impeached twice.
by phteeeven February 9, 2021