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Big Lion

"Big Lion" is a God-like entity with

unheard of power, very few other entities rival It's sheer, incomprehensible, magnificent.omnipotent power. Some prophesize of an entity equal in power.
*Big Lion appears and lazers your fucking eyes*

"Holy shit, it's fucking big lion."
by XtraGrandee September 21, 2019
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"I had a lot of cartoon characters that used to get me sexually aroused as a kid... The female reindeer from the Rudolph claymation series, when I was in preschool, I used to be bricked up watching that shit." -Jack Harlow
by real_philly February 11, 2020
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Big Lion is a powerful deity that was brought to life in SHACK, located in the 2nd Washington of the S Region in the U.S.A. He has brought destruction to the whole state, nuking Pheb, located in the A Region. He is also extremely radioactive, making any living organism go bald and flake skin in mere seconds. People who do not believe in Big Lion is trapped in a laser box and obliterated. His overarching shadow arm can also throw any object, like nuclear bombs. To save themselves from Big Lion, people must create churches and make a bi-annual sacrifice. A prophecy states that only a five-leaf clover alligator in a diamond-wheeled John Deere tractor can stop the power of Big Lion.
"Big Lion..... he's so fucking powerful."
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by hagei April 23, 2020
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An all powerful being that takes the shape of a lion, with unlimited power which it uses to control the world. It currently resides in Washington, S even though It is slightly larger than the province S. The lengths of BIG LIONS power is unlimited, it must exert its power with a shadow arm to show its strength over all countries. If any mortal wants to be spared from its wrath they must pledge themselves to eternal servitude of BIG LION or you will be eradicated like the rest of his enemies.
"My father is bald from being in a 2 mile radius of BIG LION"
by Rekcarc Of S January 20, 2020
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Big lion is one of the three universal beings, alongside pheb and the merciless sun god. He is one of the last two remaining since he nuked pheb. Big lion is constantly seen by his worshippers when they summon him at their churches. His worshippers believe that he will destroy the earth and create a new, more perfect world. The only thing stopping him from achieving his dream is the merciless sun god whom will do whatever it takes to protect humanity.
Big lion appears to his followers as a 40 foot tall lion with a overarching arm of darkness. He can fire lasers of pure radiation and command the shadows to do his will. Wherever he goes he leaves a path of radiation and those who he encounters quickly lose their hair and age and wither until they die. Only his worshippers are safe from this.
person 1: who on earth is that?
person 2: oh no.
person 1: what is it?
person 2: its Big lion. RUN FOR YOUR LIFE.
(person 1 and person 2 age and wither and turn to dust as Big lion approaches)
by garbage June 15, 2020
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The supreme being that rivals existance itself by ejaculating to cause rain and sleeping to show the sun. BigLION has no limits to the power that he possess. BigLION is also a religion that all alphas follow.
All Alphas: All hail BigLION!
by BillNoxNoxVenue November 06, 2019
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Here is the story of Big Lion.

Long ago, before the time of God, there was Pheb. Pheb ruled over the land known as America and its natives.

Pheb emerged from SHACK. A being from the heavens able to create new gods. With that power, SHACK created a new god to help Pheb rule her colonies. This was Big Lion.

But Big Lion never wanted help ruling. He wanted America for himself. So he obliterated Pheb. The natives began building Churches in hopes they would be spared by Big Lion. But Big Lion never spared anyone. He destroyed all of America and its natives.

Oddly enough, he was disappointed with his own actions. He missed having a kingdom to rule. So he merged with SHACK and SHACK merged into the heavens once again.

The land had no natives and no one to protect it. With that knowledge, SHACK created one last being before it ascended. This being was known as the Merciless Sun God, known by humans as The Sun. The Merciless Sun God began climate change, and warmed the planet with its rays. It also froze the planet in I absence. There was no way that the Merciless Sun God could help the planet, but the humans were okay with that. In the end, there was harmony.
Person 1: Bro have you heard the story of Big Lion?
Person 2: No???
Person 1: Well let me get out my Bible-
by Natpat29 December 08, 2020
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