Being a "Big Joe" Is when a male happens to have an absolutely massive penis, like, ridiculously huge- A Cock big enough to balance a horse on, when it isn't erect. These guys can snap cars in half with one mighty swing.

Their motto tends to be "If it exists, my dick can break it."
When they get erections, only a wormhole could fit the bastards.
Detective - "So far, we have established that the woman was torn in half down the middle, possibly by the insertion of an object into her vagina, which was so big she tore in two."

Detective 2 - "Must have been a Big Joe."
by Mr Boomtastique July 6, 2009
a larger male, normally taller and more dominant than most. most of the time his name is Joe, but there are few exceptions. a Big Joe is normally a Beast,pimp, and total G.
dude, look at Big Joe, he destroyed that kind like he was nothing.

dude, that kids on a Big Joe status there.
by BBJH December 14, 2008
Big Joe takes what he wants, he crushes any in his way, he makes his own rules. Big Joe is unstoppable
S-s-s-sorry big Joe i didn't realise you wanted this seat please don't hurt me
by dadadawdaefae June 27, 2020
A dirty simp that is in the Tech Support Hotline with Rajeev Kapoor
Big Joe is annoying.
by Kerrygold June 3, 2020
The greasy biker type usually spotted in the Wolverhampton area, be careful of these things they have been known to forget to indicate when turning corners.

Other interesting facts about Big Joes:

They Bathe in Kerosine
They Brush their teeth with Petrol
They Drink pure CRUDE OIL!
"You are soooooo Big Joe like!"

"Watch your step!, Big Joes leaking oil!"

"R.I.P. Big Joe" (Famous Video about the original Big Joe)
by Anomynous March 24, 2005
one of the coolest guys at arlington. big joe and not cause hes fat
big joe rocks ur world!
by lil sara January 7, 2005
Big chonk with big balls great for me though so much more than a couple of days ago
by umotherfuckerhoe December 21, 2019