Used to suggest that something/someone is the top of its/their field
Everyones feeling that tune, its big in the game.

Look at how many chicks that guy gets, he's big in the game.
by Lyrics October 5, 2005
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Big budget safe game a new word invented by fox star fan he is the 2020 fan of Arjun gaaru.

If their fav hero movie budget was less and it collects less than budget, and others heroes movies budget was above 200cr+ and it collects more than budget, the fox fans make a coverdrive like BIG BUDGET SAFE GAME.
Big budget safe game
by 🦊fox November 18, 2020
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When big pharma is allowed to produce and unlimited amount of pain medication and never gets any blame for the drug problems in the country. This is the essence of big pharma blame game.
When the government issues a license to a pain clinic and the doctors overperscribe medication and the federal court blames the owner of clinic and sentences the granted license holder to 20 years in prison. This would be the scapegoat of the big pharma blame game.
by doublestandarddems April 28, 2013
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The author of this post, it's the best on this garbage site.
Person 1:Yo what are your opinions on Big Chungus Gaming?
Person 2:Oh hell yeah, he's like a god.
by Big Chungus Gaming April 19, 2021
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The name media companies give to the SuperBowl because the NFL will sue the ever living shit out of anyone that uses their trademarks.
Hey Tom, are you coming to the churches The Big Game party

Why don't you just call it the church SuperBowl party?

Because Last year the NFL sued gods house of worship for using their trademark!!
by holy guacomole August 23, 2019
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The best rivalry in college football. Stanford University plays University California Berkeley (Cal) for The Axe. The Big Game in 1982 had the most spectacular but controversial finish in the history of college football. Simply called The Play, five Cal players touched the ball on a zany kickoff return that gave Cal a 25-20 victory, although I swear the second player's knee was down.
Stanford has the record for consecutive Big Game victories, winning in 95, 96, 97, 98, 99, 00, and 01.

Cal has won the last two Big Games.
by Jon January 2, 2004
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