Big fat is a meaning that means like a insult to people that are annoying use this word to annoy them back. also you could put eat your big fat or just say big fat choose what ever you desire.
Enemy said "Hey stupid you wanna fight to the death!" Player said " Eat your big fat!" Enemy said "what?" player said" Big fat!" Enemy said "hey mahn stop doing that" Player said "BIG FAT"
by Dm4571 October 20, 2020
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A way to describe your friends, family, and pets.
What’s up big fats? Haven’t seen you lately.
by ari$to$ April 17, 2019
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Someone: The new Club penguin is honestly better than the old one.
Me: big fat.
Carl instantly dies.
by Rolgi February 16, 2018
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“Big Fat” is a synonym for “big accomplishment, congrats!”
Big fat on buying that new house!
by Mistermm8 January 28, 2020
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A big fat bitch is someone who is a fat little bitch who can squish you're ass, it really hurts, and they will do it! Do NOT let them come in and fuck you in the ass, because then you're just fucked. I consider this a really good word for someone who is a bitch named Molly and she can literally squish the fuck out of anyone.
Molly is a big fat bitch who doesn't give a fuck about giving people attitude, they simple self-centered bitches
by Justin Jones February 20, 2020
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A fave new term coined by the 45th POTUS for the impeachment inquiry.
I have been repeatedly targeted and victimized by these traitorous loser Democrats who have conceived of this Big Fat Hoax to attempt to elevate the US Constitution above me.
by Dr Bunnygirl December 6, 2019
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