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A nickname for a certain man who’s ego is more inflated than a bouncy house. He thinks he’s hot as all hell but in reality everyone knows that wearing a demin jacket with denim jeans is possibly the worst thing you could do.
Person one: for the love of god, someone burn that jacket.

Person two: Who’s? Big Ego’s? He thinks it makes him look hot.
by Myhandsaretoocold June 08, 2018
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When your hair looks bad and you can't pay your rent. You are depressed and you hate yourself and everyone hates you because you can't help but make complimentary comments toward yourself subtly or grandly in conversation. You also believe that you're better than others because of one small thing that you have but others don't or have little of. You are a bad person and only you need to change. Nobody else. Just you
Sir, you have a big ego and also a small penis. Can you even afford that watermelon?
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