Yo Hodges, there are madd bitties at ja's dawg.
by Phil Muhr February 25, 2003
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We got to get us some biddies to hang out with tonight.
by Cash Money March 3, 2005
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Homie1: Damn that dude has got some big ol' honkers or biddies as we call them in our town.

Homie2: Cool, really don't care.
by Why is every name take March 11, 2020
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a term used when refering to any person in general, girls or boys. Can be used in many contexts, refering to hot girls and guys or ugly ones alike.
"I'm gonna hook up with some biddies tonight!"

"sickk!!! do you see those ass ugly biddies over there?"

"I'm hanging out with my biddies tonight"
by albsanonymous January 10, 2009
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A term or phrase used to identify when a male recieves certain attention from a female.
Andy: Yo did you chop that girl last nigth ?

Tony: Yeh she gave the number up, I got mad biddies.
by Tony Gee-que February 28, 2011
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