5 definitions by Cash Money

A male who is weird and likes to date very young, highly greasy females and do sexual acts with them. (such as fingering) as they get the title Butter Fingers.
"Devon fingered a greasy 9th grader yesterday"
"He's got serious Butter Fingers"
by Cash Money November 20, 2014
The slowest american compact car, also ugliest
Damn, i should have gotten a Saturn
by Cash Money July 25, 2003
Damn, all those people typing this shit dont know anything because all the 1/4 times are slower then the vettes, damn im gay
by Cash Money July 25, 2003
We got to get us some biddies to hang out with tonight.
by Cash Money March 3, 2005
Damn, why didnt i get that instead of my weak ass import?
by Cash Money July 25, 2003