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A person who speaks in a Kazak accent and pretends to be from Kazakhstan (influenced by the movie Borat) to the point where it pisses everyone off.It is often in collaboration with another person (bob)resulting in conversations thus pissing even more people off. They also have strong hatred towards the Uzbeks.
Bibus: Pls I am not very excite, my bear was attacked by Uzbek gypsies.
Bob: Motherfuck Uzbek!
Bibus: We will make a disco dance?
by James Alexander February 24, 2008
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Bibus is a female nickname. A bibus is a girl who enjoys daydreaming. She has talent in art like for example; painting, playing piano, singing. She is wierd in the same way. Every bibus should have some dreams about secrets, past or future. But she will never know it's reality until she tells it. A Bibus can also be in love with animals. Precisly reptiles. For example: Snakes, Spiders, Turtles or Lezards.
Another thing a Bibus should be interested in is Paranormal stuff and Mythologie. For example: Vampires, Ghosts, Gods and Goddesses or Werewolve.A Bibus can be rarely and hardly sad. A Bibus also loves candy and is most likely to be very very fat (eating disorders).

This is dedicated to my best friend Beatrice. (That I usally call Bibus) From your best friend Jessica from Uk.
Angela: Omg look at her legs she is such a Bibus.
Alyssa: I agree, she should stop eating.
by Jessica Smith Tremblay June 09, 2011
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