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Gaming acronym for Best in Slot.
It refers to a piece of gear that is the best piece you can equip on a specific place (like a weapon, or a piece of armor).
p1. That druid took some clothie shoulders on the raid last night
p2. Yeah, I saw that, they are BiS for resto droods.
by devxornull September 14, 2009
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An acronym for "Best in Slot." Generally used when referring to the best items you can equip in gaming. Overused by gamers who think they're hot shit and use "BiS" for everything.
1. Potato-Salad: Guess what I got...Perfected Asylum Inferno Staff.
Bojingle: nice...BiS!

2. Amun: I wanna lick Amouranth's elbows.
Sleedus: Amouranth is BiS.
by You'llNeverKnowWho May 21, 2018
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1) Shortened form of biceps. Commonly used by gym-goers.

2) Short for "bisexuals."
Rocky: "Oh man, my muscles are killing me! Check out the gun show! (flexes arms) I did bis and back at the gym, and I hit it hard!"
Jeff: "Reminds me of your mom and sister last night."
Rocky: "What?"
Jeff: "I hit those bis from the back REAL hard, bitch!"
Rocky: "Awwww sniggity snizzap."
by Nick D August 16, 2005
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A Kr0ean who says he is not a whale.
"Hey whale!" "I'm not a whale!"
by Drunk June 15, 2004
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A term that is formally used to address a person, both male and female, that has familar to the term "bitch". It is used normally with a shreiking tone.
Yo, stop stepping on my shoes, BIS!!!!!!!!
by Duckie Dao December 24, 2008
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