State of disinterest in experimenting with the same sex. May be caused by homophobia, prior experience with the same sex or satisfaction with one's heterosexuality. The NOT may be shouted for emphasis.
Get the hell away from me I'm bi-NOT-curious!

Aaaww thanks hun, i'm flattered but I've been there and I'm bi-not-curious.

by EddieFB1 August 15, 2008
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To be curious in regards to what the fuck Charlie Sheen is talking about
Wife: "Can't we watch something else? This guy is a moron"

Husband: "I know I should look away from this Charlie Sheen interview, but I am bi-winning curious."
by Travis T of Justice March 20, 2011
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a heterosexual who is interested in, and may want to try intercourse with someone of the same gender, but they are not entirely sure if they are bisexual or not
What’s your sexuality?”
“I’m bi-curious
by TheFrenchDuck March 27, 2021
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