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The act of breaking someones knees and elbows with a hammer then forcing them to suck your dick while pretending they're a retarded midget.
liam- "what's wrong with Ife?"
John O'Connor- " He got caught Simon Birching."
by honkyhater69 October 18, 2011
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A nickname for an overly friendly and/or curious gay black guy. Comes from the little cartoon monkey of the same name.
Timmy " Did you see Ife skulking around the dance last night?"

Gerard " Yeah that nigger is one hell of a Bi-Curious George."
by honkyhater69 September 18, 2011
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when a man jizzes in a womans mouth then pisses in it, leaving a scent reminiscent of the southern cesspool of Memphis Tennessee.
"Did you hear about Amy Winehouse?

yeah she showed up to an interview smelling like Memphis mouthwash
by honkyhater69 June 06, 2011
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When people deep in the impoverished slum of Flint Michigan receive and eviction notice, they set their house on fire so they can catch and eat all the rats that run out.:Can also be done in other poor cities.
Rusty" Dude did you hear what happened to to Lyle?"
Tyrone" No, What happened?"
Rusty "they got an Eviction notice so they pulled a Flint Michigan fire drill"
by honkyhater69 March 12, 2011
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A game mad famous on the popular T.V. show scrubs. The game is played by one person placing a saltine within view somewhere on their person and challenging others to spot it.
A typical game of Find the saltine
Janitor "takes saltine from turk's shirt"

Turk "do you play?"

Janitor "takes saltine from own shirt"
by honkyhater69 November 26, 2011
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When people procreate with family members, they create deformed children known as "inbreds". Primary found in the American south, they are often albinos or Cyclops's. they have such freakish abnormalities as f-d up teeth, the urge to sodomize strangers, savant banjo playing skills, racist hatred of Barack Obama, and a love of love of country music.
Harold and Kumar 2 on the subject of inbreds:

surprisingly upscale southern guy "Yeah, we try to keep our inbred son locked up in the basement"


by honkyhater69 June 06, 2011
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