1. a male or female who favors the same sex but refuses to accept that he/she is gay.

2. a supposed straight male or female who is curious about the same sex in a sexual or romantic way.
1. Mark claims to be bi-curious to himself and spends endless hours locked in his room with Jim rather than going anywhere with his girlfriend.

2. While having sex with his girlfriend Alle, Nick continuously screams "oh Mike," and keeps his eyes closed.
by Jack E. S. May 14, 2006
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Guy (or girl) who is sexually curious, not necessarily due to sexual preference, but rather due to environment, peer pressure, predominance of alternate lifestyles in immediate surroundings. (From the adage "Monkey see, monkey do.")
"That bi-curious george is only interested in a quick one-night stand before going home to bone his girlfriend."
by Pap August 05, 2006
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When feelings of Bi-sexual curiosity have got you down.
Why is Ashley so sad?

She's got the Bi-Curious Blues

Has she even been with a girl yet?

No, but she really wants to.
by Jens Money June 25, 2010
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When a member of one ethnic group becomes entranced by the pop culture of another ethnic group, adopting their style of dress and mannerisms, while still keeping their normal cultural customs and circle of friends as much as possible
Doug: Whats going on with ted? Last week when we went golfing he was wearing a basket ball jersey and a wave cap, he even told me he prefers to be called t-bone now.

Mike: I don't know man, ever since he started dating that girl from the urban wear store in the mall, he has been very "Ethnically bi-curious".
by Gennieass March 12, 2011
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Bi-curious george is

someone who doesnt quite know if they are gay or straight and they're willing to try something new... secretely.
Tonya: He's living with like four other gay guys.

Sylvia: Is he trying to pull a {bi-curious george}
by Heavenly01 June 16, 2009
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a person who has sexual relations with both sexies but are not monogamous with either sex. May be someone who participates in orgies and open relationships. Or may be a ninfo.
I know this girl is so bi-curious.
by lovelyb March 03, 2004
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