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tina: Omg i met the Queen Of Rap last night!!
jaz: You seriously met Nicki Minaj!? HOLY SH!T
by naliyahx March 18, 2021
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For a decade, The BeyHive aka Beyoncé's fanbase are the biggest most powerful fanbase ever.
They're dedicated to the Goddess of music, Beyoncé. They will tear anyone who talks smack, down
They really hate conspiracy theorists that make nonsense about their Queen and they won't hesitate to take them down.
Azealia Banks: Omg I think I'm gonna cry! I just got attacked by the BeyHive on Twitter!
Shawn: Oh Frick! I'm doomed! I shouldn't have called Beyoncé overrated! Now they're out to sting me!
by naliyahx October 20, 2020
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Beyoncé is the Goddess of music and the best female vocalist of all time besides Whitney Houston. She is the best female performer and a multi-genre artist. She & Jay Z are the most respected celebrities ever in the whole industry. Even while pregnant, Beyoncé makes sure she gives the world her best performance! She can dance and she has the best vocals/voice especially while she's pregnant or sick! Beyoncé is truly the best female entertainer of all time.
Did you see Beyoncé performing at BeyChella last night!?

Yes, I've never seen anything like that before! She's crazy talented!
by naliyahx October 20, 2020
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Beyoncé's alter-ego. Its a level of fierce too.

Beyoncé created this character for fun & wanted to try something new back in 2008-2013.
Sasha Fierce made her first appearance in the iconic music video "Single Ladies".
Apparently, Sasha's last appearance was at the 2013 SuperBowl.

Just like how Nicki Minaj has her own alter-egos she acts out. (Roman, Lewinsky, Martha, Barbie etc)
Selener: Sasha Fierce really came out of Queen Bey last night! She was epic!

Becky with the good hair: I know right! I wish i was like her.
by naliyahx November 12, 2020
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