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A beta male is a man who lacks masculine energy and adopts feminine characteristics, often faces problems or confrontations passive aggressively. A beta male is often taken advantage due to his "nice guy" persona.
Only a beta male apologizes to his wife after she cheats on him.
by WolfCola October 12, 2018
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When someone goes to the gym and spends 90% of the time on their phones scrolling through social media
Looks like its thumb day again for Jimmy with his usual routing... 3 sets of 5 snapchat selfies and 10 sets of scrolling through facebook until exhaustion
by Gary br April 02, 2017
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An unremarkable, careful man who avoids risk and confrontation. Beta males lack the physical presence, charisma and confidence of the Alpha male.
Pete knew he was losing the girl he'd just met at the bar to the guy who bought her a drink, but he was too much of a beta male to do anythigng about it.
by Ben Frey April 08, 2006
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Someone who is unable to assert dominance and is generally pathetic and not attractive.
OMG, look at Space. He has so much potential but hes such a beta male.
by bronlemesja June 02, 2020
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Men who are lower ranking in the social hierarchy and surrender their right to mate to alphamales, displaying their submission visually by widely opening their mouths and vocally through “yaaaaass!”
A flock of betamales congragates at a local Starbucks, as you can see, they’re on the hunt for soy
via giphy
by Resicoi August 05, 2019
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An extremely weak male with no confidence and relays on a more superior black female to make discussions for him. Try's to act as a fatherly figure but is just embarrassing. Commonly referred to as Quaver
Friend 1: I want to shag your girlfriend
Friend 2: She is a mild
Beta male:
by IloveQuavers February 06, 2019
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