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When someone, of lesser importants, gets jealous easily because two people are Best Friends. In order to achieve the title of, "best friend goals," you must have a best friend that goes to your house like every weekend, practically lives there, to only take naps on your couch. You also must have a small group of haters that wishes they have a good of a best friend relationship.
"Rachel and Ashlyn are always hanging out with each other," -person
"Ugh, they are best friend goals, I hate them," -Hater
by Mini Mint Oreos February 27, 2015
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showing your undying affection through being assholes and quoting vines
Kate and Lauren are the truest example of “best friend goals”
by avocadobae May 30, 2018
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The saying white girls use whenever they are(or they see)doing something cool together
*sees two girls wearing matching outfits* Becky: omg girl that is tots best friend goals i wish we could be like that but your such a stupid bitch.
by thatwhitehoe May 30, 2018
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