1.To be drunk with love.A sickly infactuation that leaves you half-witted.
2.To be pissed
Luke's got her pathetically besotted.

You besotted fool.
by Intoxicated April 28, 2004
When someone likes somebody so much they get so excited and nervous around the person they like. They also are always thinking about them to make their own day
Tommy was besotted by Molly mae when she was in casa amor.
by Tommy0496 July 5, 2019
Is often used by angry exes who burn mushrooms and people who call themselves journalists,

the true meaning of this word is "to be completely in love with someone and always have this person on your mind"
Henry is genuinely obviously really honestly truly madly deeply besotted with Tesswardo.

Henry has been besotted with lounadro since they were 18 and 16
by ChickenChili September 30, 2017