A species that lived in the planet BershColliner in the Capangachian Galaxy. The Bershes used to live in BershColliner but the other species BershCongas, Who live in BershCongia, Attacked the Bershes for the oil of the Bershes, the baby bershes (BershLees) need oil it's like milk but Oil!
So we evacuated the planet, Crash Landed on earth and BAM! The BershCongas now rule BershColliner. One Day we will fight back and take back our planet! On a side note, Do you know the story of Roswell, New Mexico where a UFO crashed there, Well we might have had something to do with that, it wasn't a UFO it was a escape pod.
That Bersh is chemically unbalanced and will go on a rampage!
by Axelman3211 November 4, 2011
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Sometimes referred to as being straight but also gay at the same time. Often seen as quite tall and attractive.
"I used to be good looking, just like Bersh."
by Hot Dudes November 14, 2022
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Pronounced: (Barr-üsh) is someone or something that’s being a total bitch.

Derived from its root word “bitch” but with a better pronounciation.
“Yo Liam, it’s pouring out there”
“I know bro it’s raining like a bersh

“Yo Kyles acting mad weird today”
“Yee Guy he’s acting like a lil bersh”
by Wordguy6969 February 4, 2018
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Blowing hair, Eyes Rolling, Sigh/Shrug
(an acronym used as substitute for an unavailable emoticon)

meaning: a cross between "whatever, I give up...." and "fuck that!"
"Susie just called to say she's bailing again..."
by questrala July 8, 2018
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