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A SH-oulde-R h-UG (shoulder hug) for your neck.
Dawwww my neck feels good from that comforting shrug.
by DomicsFan June 19, 2013
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(n) used to verbally describe someone that is completely irrelevant
"Did you see Kelsey last night?"
"Yeah, she was standing in the corner during the whole party"
"I know, she's such a shrug"
by fburg22401 May 29, 2014
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A very bad toupee. - Short for SHitty RUG.
That guy should get rid of that Shrug and try Hair Club for Men.
by Jeff D April 23, 2003
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Shrugs are all the rave among teenage girls. These alleged pieces of clothing provide neither warmth nor coverage. It also fails to increase the perception of chest size. The title derives from the action spurred by a girl wearing it. You shrug because you have no idea what it is for.
When I woke up in Spanish class today, I was surrounded on eight sides by girls wearing shrugs. I could only help but shrug.
by Boss Machine September 12, 2006
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a sexy marmite jar who is probably friends with a pasta pot from asda. very funny and sexy human likes to lie in bed with pasta :)
yo shrugs come over here
by ilikesexybaths June 05, 2020
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When you make a thinly veiled attempt at weaving your way out of a situation/meeting someone/fulfiling an obligation. Some people do this more than others, and can develop a reputation for it.
"He gave me the shrug again, he does this every time"
by chipper2 April 07, 2009
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to be used in situations of extreme sarcasm, apathy, or general indifference. can also be used to express boredom or as a substitute for "whatever", "true" or "true story", "cool", "nice", or "meh".
Extreme sarcasm: "i guess that kid that killed himself really wanted to live shrug"

Extreme apathy: "if you dont want to live anymore why dont you just get hit by a bus shrug"

General indifference: "woke up hungover today shrug"
by pxsalmers April 09, 2011
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