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a massiveley huge and italian hockey player...usually tends to live up north. quite a nice looking chap! likes to push people's buttons, but overall a good hearted man. a berno likes big comfortable beds and is quite popular with the ladies, is a respectful gentleman but is horrible at returning and answering phone calls and staying on the phone without falling asleep ;)...hard to reach...if you want to talk to him on the may as well just forget about it..but he is always an armslength away from his laptop so he is quite reachable online and quite often uses the phrase "rawr" when in an instant message session...a berno likes to tease but is really quite the sweetheart...=) and usually wherever you find a guy named berno..theres usually a girl named donna that likes talking to him
by Donnaissexy February 10, 2009
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Berno is a big dick mother fucker who comes to fuck shit up , Quiet I think I here a Berno now .
O fuck Berno is here hide the beer he is about to fuck shit up
by Berno Berno March 21, 2017
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A group of friends that hang out with eachother. Everyone knows not to mess with BERNO because of the consequences. BERNO is made up of every background and listens to every type of music. Brush Everyone, Respect No One is their motto and they stand by it. Overall a great group of guys, but don't get on their bad side.
Oh shit, watch out here comes BERNO!
by Anonymous Poster 45689 June 02, 2011
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a man of great footballing talent a massive liverpool fan...sadly his football abilities make up for his really really small penis
hes a great talent.....pity his "talent" is small thats berno
by reganator July 10, 2008
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