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a rather short homosexual male with a small penis who fights people/women naked. a beowulf takes pride upon oneself when he beats on helpless people while naked.
guy 1: did you see that shit with the small cock guy beating his wife while he was naked?

guy2: yea dude, he is such a fucking beowulf...
by craftyweasul January 10, 2011
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Beowulf is one of the oldest surviving epic poems in what is identifiable as an early form of the English language. In the poem, Beowulf, a hero of a Germanic tribe from southern Sweden called the Geats, travels to Denmark to help defeat a monster named Grendel. This poem, about Danish and Swedish kings and heroes, was preserved in England because the English people are descendants of Germanic tribes called the Angles, Saxons, and Jutes. Jutes and northern Saxon tribes came from what is now southern Denmark and northern Germany. Thus, Beowulf tells a story about the old days in their homeland.

The poem is a work of fiction, but it mentions a historic event, the raid by king Hygelac into Frisia, ca 516. Several of the personalities of Beowulf (e.g., Hrothgar, Hrothulf and Ohthere), clans (e.g. Scyldings, Scylfings and Wulfings) and some of the events (e.g. the Battle on the Ice) also appear in early Scandinavian sources, such as the Prose Edda, Gesta Danorum, the legendary sagas, etc. In these sources, especially the Hrรณlf Kraki tales deal with the same set of people in Denmark and Sweden (see Origins for Beowulf and Hrรณlf Kraki).

Consequently, many people and events depicted in the epic were probably real, dating from between 450 and 600 in Denmark and southern Sweden (Geats and Swedes). As far as Sweden is concerned, this dating has been confirmed by archaeological excavations of the barrows indicated by Snorri Sturluson and by Swedish tradition as the graves of Eadgils and Ohthere in Uppland. Like the Finnsburg Fragment and several shorter surviving poems, Beowulf has consequently been used as a source of information about Scandinavian personalities such as Eadgils and Hygelac, and about continental Germanic personalities such as Offa, king of the continental Angles.
Beowulf was the greatest hero who ever lived!
by Neo_Beowulf September 03, 2006
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pretext-The hero of a viking myth, where he wrestled with a monster that terrified people living in a hall, tearing off the arm.

(v.) To rip off someone's arm or break it intentionally
I beowulfed that thug over there when he tried to steal my watch. Haha, obviously he didn't get the sword, shield, and the fact that I had the name 'Ragnar fork beard' tatoed on my forehead meant I am a viking.
by Kung-fu Jesus July 08, 2004
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To do something extremely savage, often to further one's own personal vanity and glory. Saying "I AM BEOWULF!" also makes you epic, and is an official replacement for "THIS IS SPARTA!"

The words "gnar", "Leonidas", "Sparta" and "sav" or "savage" are synonyms for Beowulf/
Guy 1: Dude, I just Beowulf'd that guy's arm!
Guy 2: What did you do again?
Guy 1: I fucking broke it off numbnut!

Guy 1: I had such a Beowulf day today.
Guy 2: What did you do?
Guy 1: Well, I beat up five burly men at the same time, placed first in a 100k marathon, and then beguiled eight gorgeous bitches into my bed. I AM BEOWULF!
Guy 2: Umm... Okay dude. That's great.
by Hrothgar, King of Danes November 18, 2007
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When you take a small shit, start wiping, and then you realize you have more shit to shit.

Comes from the story of Beowulf, where the titular hero kills the monster Grendel, spends years rebuilding his city, and then Grendel's mother comes along and starts shit again.
John: Dude, you were in there for a long time.

Jack: Yeah, dude it was a total Beowulf. I thought I was done and then I got a second helping.
by eds424 August 14, 2009
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