An extraordinarily persian looking guy. Light skinned, dark haired, hazel eyed. Most confuse for french or spanish. Intelligent as fuck! Great in Bed.

P.S. Do not call this person Benjamin. You will not live to remember it.
"Whose that hot guy?"
"Oh thats Benyamin"

"I slept with Benyamin 2 nights ago, still in a wheelchair!"
by BenYAMIN April 2, 2014
A kinda hot boy with the weirdest hair but cutest face. nearly everyone likes him but some people think hes a piece of shiz cuz he is kinda sexist and rude but if you really get to know him he is perfect... legit at everything.... he is amazing at sport, maths, English pretty much everything. Its good to know a Benyamin.
"I wish I could be like Benyamin."
by MIAKALIFAAFORLIFE February 9, 2019
If you have a Benyamin, you are extremely lucky. Not only is he handsome asf (he’s Persian ;) but he’s also caring, loving, understanding, and absolutely perfect. Benyamin is most interested in music, and spend a lot of time playing his guitar. But do NOT make him mad or upset. You will regret it. So, hold on to this guy until the end cuz you are privileged to have somebody like Benyamin.
Me: Guess what
Friend: What
Me: I have a boyfriend!
Friend: Ooooo what’s his name?
Me: Benyamin!
Friend: You mean Benjamin?
Me: Hell no. I mean Benyamin.
Friend: Where’s he from?
Me: Iran!
by stfu2847 August 15, 2018
When you bite your tooth out and stick it in your nose and the proceed to blow out of your nostrils in such a force that it can get stuck in your partners vagina.
Dude I just started Benyamining into her vagina last night it was RADICAL!!
by SexyKinkMaster November 9, 2021
A boy who is full of energy and lifts your mood when you know it. Is kind, funny and is generally good in table tennis. He is also smart.
He is such a Benyamin.
by benk1387 November 27, 2021