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An extraordinarily persian looking guy. Light skinned, dark haired, hazel eyed. Most confuse for french or spanish. Intelligent as fuck! Great in Bed.

P.S. Do not call this person Benjamin. You will not live to remember it.
"Whose that hot guy?"
"Oh thats Benyamin"

"I slept with Benyamin 2 nights ago, still in a wheelchair!"
by BenYAMIN April 02, 2014
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Benyamin is somebody you can fall in love with instantly . His eyes and his hair attract you right away . He may look like the nerd but he is the hottest guy . Just the sound of his voice is enough to give you butterfly’s . He is Persian and can not understand otherwise .
Benyamin is so weird. No he’s not he’s so cute. Just wait until you hear his voice
by Dont Touch Him December 02, 2017
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