Real name by the name of Brad. Has a habit of bending over for men when he gets especially horny. usually gets easily upset when friends make light jokes yet he still likes to make fun of others, a white boy with blonde hair yet he looks asian, for some reason he does gymnastics.
by jurgreet June 7, 2019
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When a guy is fucking a chick, I mean really going to town on her and his dick slips out and misses the hole. A bendie occurs when his dick bends and excruciating pain ensues.
I was fucking an ugly triplet, got all excited, and it slipped out and got a bendie.
by Michael Yurkoski April 14, 2004
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Attractive girls that do yoga. (Most guys fantasy g/f).

Did you check out those bendy girls coming out of the yoga class...
by bendy girl August 26, 2006
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Bendie plural bendies. Noun

A bent over selfie, normally done nude with the purposes of showing some ass/vaginal combo for full view.
Send me some nudes and it better be some good bendies, none of that modest stuff.
by unabridged army October 19, 2014
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Being in-between straight and bisexual. Bendy people identify as straight but really they have slight bisexual tendencies.
Girl 1: Jeez, shes hot..
Girl 2: Are you bi?
Girl 1: Nah, im just not fussy I guess I'm bendy. Shes hot but I'd still rather have men.
Girl 2: Awrite..
by Nana__ March 27, 2010
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In guitars, a slang word meaning bending the string so as to produce a frequency higher than the fret your finger is on.
Can be heard in "One Note Song."
Yeah, but I put the bendy in it!
by Sonnybobiche January 28, 2004
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