1. A character from a horror game

2. Extremely flexible

2. I bet your girlfriend isn't as bendy as my dick!
by GHOSTYBOI October 08, 2020
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Name of the character you play as in the perpetual testing initiative (community test chambers) in Portal 2.
He appears as a flat simplified silhouette of a person, but most call him a stick figure.
Hey, have you heard from Bendy?
No. I think he cracked his spine after failing to land on his feet.
by Pancakeman's dictionary February 14, 2020
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An ink demon that was brought to life by Joey Drew, the owner of Joey Drew Studios; and re-summoned by Henry, a lead animator. He plays the role of a dancing demon, and after many things went wrong, he decided to kill all of the animators, lead tech, and musicians. He now tries to kill Henry after he had “initiated the pain” by turning on the ink machine, after failing multiple times (if you’re lucky) he will stop for a bit and try to help you. Like how he decides to kill the projectionist that is trying to kill you. After that when you go to try and stop the machine, he evolves and tries to kill you yet again.
If you aren’t careful, Bendy will hear you and kill you.
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by Just the truth tho April 15, 2019
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