A medical professional who performs surgical procedures on the nervous system of a human (brain surgery, spinal surgery). One of the most physically demanding professions in the world due to the high death rate and incredibly long hours.
This neurosurgeon is operating on my brain because i have a sucky hypothalamus, oh teh noes

I had a spinal cord deformity and was paralyzed, this cool neurosurgeon did sum stuff and now i can walk woot woo go neurosurgery
by neurowobo November 13, 2009
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1. The Wisconsin Neurosurgeon is when you have sex by shoving your penis in your own mouth, and when you ejaculate you yell out: “DAD I LOVE YOU”

2. When you have 80k in cash
Damn, I finished in my mouth but couldn’t do the whole Wisconsin Neurosurgeon last night but I forgot to yell to my dad
by Yung Native March 9, 2018
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