A singing technique used when a singer sings high notes in their chest voice. Should only be done by trained singers as improper belting can hurt the vocal chords.
Have you heard Indina Menzel belting in Wicked? She belts her face off!
by hellobasil21 September 19, 2009
v. 1. To kill oneself with a belt via hanging.
Harry tried belting himself yesterday.
I'm going to belt myself.
by Stauf March 9, 2005
v. 1. To kill oneself with a belt via hanging.
by Stauf March 9, 2005
a verb used by small town Canadian hill-billys to describe the action of showing of your obnoxious belt buckle by tucking in your shirt only in the front.
"hey, i see your belting today Sally Joe."

"Yea, tell me if you see Nora Joe coming though 'cuzz this is her county fair sheep showing belt!"
by frequent belter January 27, 2012
A tear or rip in the crotch area of a pair of trousers of which is so severe, is starts from the belt and ends at the belt.
(Chloe leans over to pick up her broken flower pot)


Oh no! Belt to belt!!

(She holds her crotch in shame)
by Sophizzle June 1, 2005
the thing dads use to whoop their children
people like whooping me with a belt
by your average high schooler August 11, 2019
A great force only to be used by parents.
Billy's Mom: Why did I find PornHub on your search history?

Billy: M-mom-

by xx.Heidi.xx May 3, 2021