To say that two things must be together.
How could you not know you belong with me?
by SomeoneToBeWith November 12, 2010
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Items possessed by one who owns them
These are my belongings...where are yours?
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1.being for someone or in possess of somebody.
2.loving someone as much as your life.
3.if something belongs to you you own it or it is yours.
4.if someone or something belongs to a particular group,they are a member of that group.
1.this book very belongs to michael jackson.
2.hey duuuuude,you belong me,can yo understand it,boy!
3.that apartment is for my dad.
4.we belong to the football team of our city.
by pedy August 3, 2006
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A hoe so to speak: Someone who fucks anyone and everyone.
You should date that guy Jon.
Naw he belong to the streets.
by X97X December 2, 2019
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when someone’s a hoe or someone who cheats on other people. a slut.
she done fucked two men in a day? man she belong to the streets
by Lil Hjak January 17, 2021
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Mysterious phenomenon by which belongings no longer fit into ones suitcase when returning home from vacation, even after having acquired no additional items.
"What the hell man, i haven't acquired a damn thing since we got here, and suddenly nothing fits in this suitcase!"
"What you've got here is a case of BELONGINGS EXPANSION."
by clemy December 30, 2011
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