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Interlake High School, home of the Saints, is located in Bellevue, Washington. It is the only school in the district offering the prestigious IB program. It is known for its top notch drill and basketball teams. It is currently going through some construction but the result will be the most "kick ass" school anyone has every witnessed.
Where can I find IB in Bellevue?
Certainly not at Bellevue High, only at Interlake of course.
by aznballa January 03, 2005
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Interlake High School.
The ONLY non-slut/druggie/gang/bitchy/gang-banger school in the bellevue school district.
is overloaded with smart-ass prism kids.
has some chill people.
has an unreasonably large supply of fuckin hot ass juniors as of 2008-2009 school year.
"there are no sluts at interlake, except for @#$%^&*()"
by naturalflavorsbabyyyy December 21, 2008
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