In Puerto Rico (adjective). The Puerto Rican definition of the word differs greatly from the Spanish original meanings, e.g., "astute", "canny", "deceitful", etc. In Puerto Rico the word is mostly used to imply lustfulness, an unbridled sexual desire in a person or animal.

1. A sexually excited person or animal.

2. Referred to a person, given to lust.

3. Referring to a thing (e.g., food, clothing, footwear), that looks great, cool, delicious.
1. Almandito está bien bellaco, anda con el bicho por fuera mirando a las muchachas (Almandito is very horny, he is walking with his cock out looking at the girls).

2. Paquito es de los tipos más bellacos del mundo, se lo metería hasta a un puercoespín si lo dejan! (Paquito is one of the most lecherous, lustful and horny guys in the world, he would fuck even a porcupine if allowed!).

3. Las nuevas tennis de Jordan se ven bien bellacas!! No como las de LeBron que son bien mierdas!! (Jordan's new tennis shoes look dope!! Not like LeBron's that are really shitty!!).

4. El mofongo que hace Beyonce es el más bellaco, siempre le mete chicharrones! (The mashed plantains that Beyonce cooks is the best, she always puts pork rinds in it!)
by Gran Duque February 16, 2023
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This word is used in various way in different countries and it is not strictly Puerto Rican. It’s various meanings are:
1. persona
(= malvado) wicked
(= astuto) cunning ⧫ sly
(= pícaro) rascally
2. (Southern Cone, Mexico) caballo vicious ⧫ hard-to-control
(Andes, Central America) brave, also used as crazy in a positive way. Like someone who is always down to party, cool, cunning, brave, has a strong personality or attitude, one who dares to do many things etc.

Outside of PR and Reggaeton this is how its used.
Gómez es un político bellaco que todo lo hace en beneficio propio. Gómez is a wicked politican who does everything for his own gain.

Los caballos bellacos son los más difíciles de domar. Unruly horses are the hardest to break in.

Que bellaca eres! Te vas sola a esta hora de la noche? You’re so crazy! You’re going home alone this late at night?
by PreetiBitch May 22, 2021
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Spanish for horny male.
A horny female is bellaca.
Pepe se puso bellaco cuando bailó con ella.

Pepe got bellaco when he danced with her.
by Taino boy December 13, 2003
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1. Horny, Sexually Aroused
2. Fuckboy/Fuckgirl, always wants to sleep around with anyone he/she finds hot
“Bitch, I’m so bellaco(a)/bellako(a) rn I could fuck my ex.”
Juan? Oh he’s always been a bellaco, don’t fall for him.”
by vr. July 19, 2018
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